Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Javier Siquier: Graffiti Removal" (via Collab Cubed)


"Spanish graphic designer, illustrator and street artist Javier Siquier seems intrigued by reversal. Recently, he created a series of work on the streets titled Graffiti Removal where he whites out graffiti, leaving blocks of (mostly) white paint, as if redacting the words from the streets." (via Collab Cubed)

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Art to Occupy Times Square" (via New York Times)

Ultimate Times Square 1

"Imagine a canvas at the so-called Crossroads of the World: Artists are being invited to take over the giant screens of Times Square. Chashama, an organization that supports artists, has teamed up with Artists Wanted and the Times Square Alliance to create “Art Takes Times Square,” which starts with a day of events on June 18.

The selected artworks will be shown on Nasdaq, Thomson Reuters, Clear Channel and Spectacolor signs, among others, as well as A2aMedia’s Port Authority display. Artists can submit their work for consideration here through May 25." (via New York Times) 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Eerie Mirrored Sculptures by Rob Mulholland" (via Colossal)


"Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland creates these eerie mirrored sculptures out of Perspex, a kind of acrylic glass. The pieces create the uncanny effect of blending into their surroundings, at times appearing almost completely camouflaged and yet jumping out at you suddenly as your perspective shifts around them. Mulholland’s largest installation of six figures, Vestige, is currently installed at David Marshall Lodge in Scotland." (via Colossal)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Cause and Effect Art Installation by Ana Soler" (via Zilla Mag)

"An amazing art installation entitled Causa-Efecto (Cause-Effect) made by Spanish artist Ana Soler. Using 2,000 tennis balls suspended throughout the Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante, Spain, the artist created a sense of motion by carefully aligning them to create trajectories as if the balls were bouncing all over the place." (via Zilla Mag)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Boa Mistura Uses Graffiti To Connect Communities" (via Huffington Post)


"Street artists Boa Mistura sees their graffiti as an intervention...Their latest, "Luz nas Vielas," is in the Sao Paulo favela (shanty town) of Brasilandia. The troupe painted the walls of the town bright colors, and using a clever visual trick -- painted words that appear to float when viewed from, a certain angle. With words like "Amor" (love) and "Firmeza" (stability), the project is right in line with the group's mission." (via Huffington Post)


"TUFT" at Pula by Numen/For Use (Croatia)

  [A toddler walking inside Numen/For Use's "TUFT" at Pula \\ source]

Numen/For Use's latest creation, TUFT, is a large scale interactive sculpture made predominantly from transparent adhesive tape.  It is an evolution of Numen's earlier tape concept which is more permanent and inhabitable than its predecessor due to it being lined with cozy, red colored floor carpeting. 

[Night View of TUFT hanging in Pula\\source]

"Rough, industrial surface of the back side of the carpet is deliberately exposed to serve as a counterpoint to the invitingly soft, carnal interior. The result is a surreal simultaneous feeling of anxiety and thrill whilst entering into the installation. The exhibition of the structure at the height of 4 meters in the middle of the former church in Pula, additionally enhances the tension and the sensational perception of the visitor..." (via Numen/For Use website)

Check out: Astrid Bowlby

[Scale View of Astrid Bowlby's "Chrysanthemum"\\source]

Astrid Bowlby is Artists Wanted's 2011 Year in Review Sculpture + Installation Award winner.  She creates room-sized installations from hand-cut ink drawings that collectivity resemble fantastic and whimsical landscapes.  Check out detail images of Bowlby's work on the Artist Wanted website, here.