Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"TUFT" at Pula by Numen/For Use (Croatia)

  [A toddler walking inside Numen/For Use's "TUFT" at Pula \\ source]

Numen/For Use's latest creation, TUFT, is a large scale interactive sculpture made predominantly from transparent adhesive tape.  It is an evolution of Numen's earlier tape concept which is more permanent and inhabitable than its predecessor due to it being lined with cozy, red colored floor carpeting. 

[Night View of TUFT hanging in Pula\\source]

"Rough, industrial surface of the back side of the carpet is deliberately exposed to serve as a counterpoint to the invitingly soft, carnal interior. The result is a surreal simultaneous feeling of anxiety and thrill whilst entering into the installation. The exhibition of the structure at the height of 4 meters in the middle of the former church in Pula, additionally enhances the tension and the sensational perception of the visitor..." (via Numen/For Use website)

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