Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Tremor Laquearia" Installation by Remon De Jong

 [Time-Lapse of Remon De Jong installing "Tremor Laguearua"]

"Remon de Jong captivates his audience by capturing the essence of time in his art installation called ‘Tremor Laquearia.’ 

The room itself is part of the project where it seems everything froze during an earthquake. The use of space is entirely used and it’s like stepping into a room where everything is incorporated as the project. Falling ceiling tiles are turned into still life objects where it looks as if one is staring at a photograph. Dutch artist Remon de Jong creates a feeling of being lost in time with this motionless project.


Like the Tremor Laquearia project, De Jong’s specialized work of videos, paintings, music and sculptures often stirs up the theme of man’s relationship versus the environment. Check out the video to see how this artist created the crumbling ceiling effect." (Review by Kevin Young at Trend Hunter)

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